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Frances Elkins Loop Chair

You may be familiar with the Loop Chair as seen in this beautiful room by Tom Scheerer, but do you know the history of this classic design?  For those who only live in the present, you might think this Loop Chair is a stroke of genius from today’s furniture makers.  But alas, as you may have learned by now reading my blog, very RARELY is something you see today the truest, purest, and first version of itself.  This is why I absolutely love old things.

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Frances Elkins is the worlds best non-kept secret Interior Designer of the 20th Century.  By this I mean her name isn’t necessarily as popular as say, Elise de Wolfe.  But her role in the history of design was just as important.  Frances Elkins was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1888.  She was the younger sister of the renowned Chicago architect David Adler.  I guess you could say that creativity ran in the family!  While she left a footprint in the Chicago design world, she was most notably known for her work in California where her business was established in 1918.

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Elkins was inspired by chairs of the 18th-century.  She went on to design what is today known as the Loop Chair.  Elkins only made eight loop chairs.  The very cool thing is that four of these chairs went to the Wheeler Family in Chicago.  I just so happen to live right down the street from the Wheeler Mansion (which is now a boutique hotel).  I wonder if the chairs are in there?  I should take a peek!  The other four chairs went to Marshall Field’s house on Long Island.

Below is at the Kips Bay Showhouse where designer Christopher Maya showcased the iconic chairs.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful Magazine

Today you can purchase your very own piece of history for around $800 per chair.  Sometimes I see them pop up on sites like 1stDibs and Chairish.  So just remember next time you see a Loop Chair, give a little nod to Frances Elkins for designing something so long ago that has stood the test of time after all these years!  Until Next Time ~GG