In with the Old... Out with the New

My name is Gina Glavin and one of my passions in life is finding that perfect vintage or antique object, dusting it off, and giving it another life to live.  Most of anything you see today is simply a reproduction of what already existed!  I love finding out when something first came about and how it has evolved.  A lot of people say that when things "come back in style", they come back better than they were before.  I seem to always find the beauty in the original.  I embrace brass oxidation, chips on marble, and layers of old paint.

I hold a degree in Interior Design from Michigan State University and extensive knowledge of art history.  I focus on affordability in design while maintaining sophisticated style and bringing personality to a room.  I am always on the hunt for a "new-old" piece to add to my collection of items and my savvy shopping and discerning eye continue to lead me to what is current and timeless.

Catch up on my blog to learn about the oldest antiques and the newest ways to use them.  Also, follow me on my journey to hopefully one day own my own shop (yes, Brick and Mortar)!  Until then, be sure to visit my online shop and own a piece of what is classically trending. ~GG