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Lucky Find

Do you ever learn a new word, new phrase, read an old book or watch an old movie and then it seems like the very next day whatever old new thing you just discovered is BOOM in your face for what seems like.. the next couple months?  Case and point… Iznik.  I blogged about Iznik Pottery yesterday.  I learned so much about Iznik after falling in love with Tory Burch’s dining room.  She used a wallpaper by Iskel that was inspired by Turkish Iznik Pottery.

Today I decided to swing by an old consignment shop on a route I don’t normally take.  Low and below I found this beauty.   The most stunning handmade plate from Kutahya, Turkey.  Signed and all.  I’m conflicted.  Do I sell?  Do I add to my collection?  I don’t know.. I’m going to have to think about it.  Until Tomorrow ~GG