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Revere Bowls

I was never a History buff.  I’m pretty sure my grades were less than stellar in anything history related.  But I always perked up a little when I started looking at the old historical pictures paying great attention to all the details in the background and little attention to any of the content of the readings.  This explains why, in my historical world, Paul Revere was quite memorable.  While I appreciated Paul Revere and his “Midnight Ride”, I was much more interested in the fact that he was a great silversmith, master engraver and businessman.

Today I’m honing in on the Paul Revere Bowl.  Now typically referred to as simply the “Revere Bowl”.  Gracious and beautiful this pedestal bowl serves many functions in many settings.  My personal favorites are the Revere Bowls that have a color enameled finish on the inside.


You can place your orchids in them…

Orchid in Revere Bowl via Mint Loves Social Club

Or your clementines…

Or your pumpkins!












I use mine to store Jewelry…



























The Revere Bowl shall forever remain popular and you could never regret buying such a versatile and practical investment.  You can find many Revere Bowls up for sale at my Chairish Shop!  Until Tomorrow ~GG