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The Allure of the Casket Box

Is anyone else with me on not waiting to call a casket box by its proper name? When I think of a casket, well, you know where I’m going with this. The term “casket box” is the original name to a modern day jewelry box. In earlier periods, the box functioned as a place to keep important documents. During these times, most people did not walk around with the need for an entire file cabinet, so a little box sufficed on holding all that mattered.  Eventually these boxes turned into holding other important items, such as jewelry and perfume.   Today, you will find, they hold absolutely nothing… because we own all too much to keep in just one box.  Their primary function is to simply make people swoon when they see them.  I’d say that is quite a historical achievement! 

Murnao Art Glass Casket Box with Ormolu Trim and Latch

What is the allure of the casket box? They are quite simple. However it is their simplicity that makes them so appealing. A true focal point. It is difficult in today’s mass home accessories market to find a piece that you know will be entirely sustainable, no matter what style of decor you have.

My first obsession with casket and trinket boxes was around the time I started frequenting Antique Shops (about 10 years ago).  I saw a box reminiscent of this one…

Pink Opaline Casket Box with Ormolu and Latch

…Beautiful Pink Opaline.  At the time, I was astounded it would cost near $150.  Today, I wish I would have purchased it for that bargain price.  Casket Boxes range from $250 and upwards where its more common to see one in the $600-$1,200 range.

Casket Boxes have a few distinct features.  They are typically made of crystal, leaded crystal, Murano glass, or Opaline.  You will also find them made of porcelain or ceramic.  Its common to see ormolu detailing (the hammered gold banding where the lid opens). 

A box with a latch is typically valued higher. 

1920s Antique French Glass Casket Box with Brass Ormolu Trim

A box with a key is valued even more so.


French Blue Opaline Casket Box with Key and Tassel

Casket Boxes, while very rare, can come in beautiful Murano designs…

Murano Millefiori Amber Satin Glass Casket

Casket Boxes can be impactful on their own, or in a grouping. This has been my inspiration photo for years.  Yet, I still have no idea who’s coffee table it is!

Try for mixing Opaline casket boxes with lead crystal casket boxes in differing sizes.  Also try for varying shapes.  Add round, rectangular and square. Go fancy, or go plain… sometimes a less decorated crystal box is a good break from all the ormolu. Don’t worry, you can’t make it look bad. When it comes to crystal, brass, Opaline and Murano, it is impossible for it to not look anything other than beautiful.

While Casket Boxes are truly an investment, you will never regret your purchase. Place them on a vanity, a coffee table, or anywhere you could admire it every day! Until Next Time ~GG

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