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Arcopal France Harlequin Teacups

Nothing gets my heart fluttering like a stack of colorful opalescent teacups. Hard to find in the states, if at all, Acropal’s Harlequin Teacup collection is truly a special way to drink your tea. Not only do these teacups look beautiful, they are made from tempered glass with a thermal applied treatment that makes them super functional (dishwasher/microwave safe and non-porus). I love the idea you can enjoy something so beautiful without having to treat it so delicately.  After all, the idea of owning beautiful things is to actually use them!

Arcopal Harlequin was made available around 1958 when the French developed a way to automate the manufacturing process of “Opal” glass, or as sometimes referred to “Opalescent” glass. The beautiful glassware was revolutionary and quite popular. Acropal developed other tabletop items apart from the beloved Harlequin and had a long history prior to 1958. I’d have to save that for another post so I could really get into the “1885 history”!

I have painstakingly pieced together 24 of these teacups over time. I’m splitting them up into sets that make the most sense allowing each set to include a different iridescent color (don't mind the Porteiux Vallerystahl trying to steal the show in the background).

The teacups are like little chameleons playing tricks on you. Differing factors such as lighting and the color of the surface you set it on will surely change what color you see the teacup as. So one thing to ultimately consider about purchasing a set you see online is that the colors may not be exactly as shown in the photos. Trust me when I say, it won’t matter what color you have, they will be beautiful!  The colors are Orange, Blue, Purple, White, Grey, Green and Pink.

Interesting in purchasing?  Visit my online shop!  And don't worry if it says "sold out", odds are, I have more I'm just hording for no good reason other then to admire.  I'd be happy to piece together a specific set of colors for you too!  Just send me an email! Until next time ~GG

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  1. Gale

    Hi do you have a gold saucer that I could buy as I have broken mine. I look forward to hearing from you. I am lookink at the harlequin France acropol set. Best wishes Gale

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