In with the Old... Out with the New

What’s in your cabinet?

Loyal readers.  It’s been some time.  I haven’t blogged since the summer of 2018. A season has gone by and I thought I’d reintroduce myself by showing you a little slice of my heaven.  The place that makes me happy each time I visit it.  My kitchen glassware cabinet.  Before I get to what is inside, lets talk about a place that once used to be filled with clear glass but has grown into a mature young lady of vibrant colors.

When you get married, move on your own, or in with roommates what is the first thing you do?  You probably go to Crate and Barrel.  If you are zapping for a registry, you are armed with a cool laser gun and your spouse (who may or may not be as into this as you are).  What do you notice when you are at C and B?  You notice clear glass and maybe some copper Moscow Mule mugs.  But that is about it.   That is what happened to me.  Despite my love of vintage, I thought I was supposed to get a bunch of clear glass.  Today, the clear glass is sitting in boxes and I’m trying to decide what to do with it.

Here we are in present day and this is what is inside. It doesn’t change much, unless I have a buyer who is desperately seeking something I have.  I’m always willing to sell what I have, knowing it will eventually come back full circle.

We are a small family right now, so I usually only put about 4 to 6 types of glass and store the rest in an off site location for when we are entertaining larger groups.  Having small sets encourages me to use a greater variety day to day.  I am not afraid to use beautiful and delicate glassware (probably because I know how to keep accumulating it!).  I think beautiful things are meant to be used daily.

From top to bottom (left to right) you can see what is in my cabinet.  I have linked items if I have similar for sale!

White Portieux Vallerysthal Goblets – On hand to really impress guests and enjoy a Friday night cocktail.  These are the 6oz Wine Goblet size and the Sherbets.  The Sherbets are great for a small little dessert.

Blue Portieux Vallerysthal Goblets – The smaller PV holds 4oz.  I pull these out for a little Bailey’s on the rocks, a small serving of juice, or use them as snack cups.  The prettiest way to eat peanuts!

Arcopal France Harlequin Teacups – I use these for tea mostly.  I also pull out the saucers for snack plates when guests come over.  I use the teacups like the PV Goblets, for snack cups.

Blush Pink Libbey Wine Goblets – These are actually perfect for serving wine.  They are durable and elegant and the hint of blush really makes Rose wine pop.

Carlo Moretti Blue Cased Glass – Again, perfect for serving wine, red or white.

Blenko Art Glass Blue Goblets – These are perfect for iced water, or any cocktail with ice.  They really keep the drink cold and the glass does not sweat much.  Also, I love serving iced drinks on a pedestal to avoid the whole awkward water ring on the table thing!

Libbey Blue Tumblers – My husbands go-to.  These are Libbey Duratuff.  Perfect for everyday use.

Libbey Green Footed Iced Tea – Same as above.  I found a set of this avacado green color and loved mixing it with the blue.

Libbey Large Tumblers – Use them everyday for water!