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Must have Majolica

Majolica is trending and I need to get a piece of it!  These bright and beautiful ceramics from the late 1800’s come in all kinds of colors and designs.  From the image above, Lissy Parker does Majolica proud by surrounding her big beautiful mirror with plates that pick up the green color from the fabric on her chairs.  It is current and fresh, yet absolutely timeless.

Below is an image via HGTV where the yellow walls proudly accent the beautiful green Majolica plates.

Majolica has a touch of humor to them too, like already embedded asparagus in the serving dish (screaming eat your veggies!).  Also the many beautiful oyster dishes that you can find in Majolica makes you want to definitely go on the half shell.  Below are some amazing pieces currently for sale if you are thinking you need some Majolica in your life too!  Until Tomorrow ~GG

Pink Flower Majolica Plate // Pink Majolica Oyster Plate // Majolica Daisy Plate // Swedish Majolica Geometric Plate // English Majolica Platter With Handles // Antique Majolica Serving Dish // French Asparagus Platter // Antique English Majolica Plates – Set of 6 // Wedgwood Majolica Leaf Plates, S/8 // Wedgwood Majolica Sunflower Plates – Set of 4 // Antique English Wedgwood Majolica Plates – Set of 3



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