In with the Old... Out with the New


What do you collect? I collect everything…

You may have seen on my Instagram account @contemporaryantiquer my frequent use of the hashtags, #whatdoyoucollect and #Icollecteverything . I do collect everything! Majolica, Imari Ware, Blue and White Porcelain, Opaline… just to name a few.

Even the simplest things make a huge impact when clustered together. Far more of an impact if just standing alone.  I thought I’d pull some beautiful images of collections to inspire you if you are trying to build your collection, or to fuel your current collection.  Or, if you are like me, to dust your collection!

I was reading the book, Sister Parish Design: On Decorating, and came across the story by Mitchell Owens where you learn about Jacqueline Coumans, an Interior Designer in New York City. She collected Milk Glass (blue for her country house and white for her city house). The book spoke to how the blue milk glass wasn’t necessarily expensive, but when clustered together, makes such an impact. Isn’t this true as seen below from The Rio You?  Her style is absolutely amazing and as I've looked more into her interiors, I'm beyond inspired.


I’ve taken a page from Suzanne Kasler and started my own Eiffel Tower Collection as it holds a special meaning to me. My husband and I were engaged a top the Eiffel Tower. We have received some beautiful Eiffel Towers as gifts, and I always make a point to pick one up whenever and wherever I see one (thrift stores included!).  Every time I walk past them, I'm reminded of such a wonderful day.  Isn't that what having collections is about?  Being reminded about a special person, or place.. someone we love or an event that holds great meaning...


I also love how the rock crystal spheres clustered do not distract from the gilded frame and console.  Suzanne Kasler does it again...

This beautiful Jadeite couldn’t be more stunning…

And how about these stunning antique mirrors up the staircase?

I hope you have enjoyed these images and I would love to see what you collect!  Until Next Time ~GG

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