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Easy Summer Entertaining

I know what you might be thinking… a blog about all things Antique and Vintage doesn’t seem like the right platform for talking about paper plates.  Here me out! Sometimes an entertainer has limitations, especially in the summer months. Maybe you have a huge crowd or your event is outside.  Really, the best reason is you would rather spend more time with your guests then slaving away in the kitchen after dinner cleaning up!

Today I’m going to bring together the world of authentic vintage and practicality.  A world where old meets new and is completely fresh and totally easy breezy. Have you looked at the paper plates out there these days? They are knocking off some amazing antique and vintage china patterns.

Today I’m showing you some wonderful alternatives that will have you rethinking paper plates in general. I’m not talking about the white flimsy plates that disintegrate once touched by a condiment. I’m showing you disposal products where you are still bound to get compliments on your amazing sense of style.

Most products shown are disposal or plastic. Disclaimer: I’m sorry to report this post may harm mother earth.  If you are so inclined please recycle!

Blue and White Porcelain Setting:

Blue and White Porcelain is a classic setting and I am in love with these paper plates.  I paired them with some colorful pink flower and green cabbage paper plate accents.  The plastic scalloped blue charger plates are an affordable option to the currently trending high-end designer ones you see everywhere.  Contact me if interested as I have many for sale!  They are lightweight, easy to clean and tote around.  You really can’t lose when setting it all on a boxwood placemat.  Adding to the colorful theme is the stunning flower arrangement.  Easy clean-up here because you can just toss the plates and cups, wipe down the chargers and placemats and get on with your evening! {More links to items below}

Plastic Charger Plates $15 each contact // Blue and White Paper Plates // Blue and White Trellis Napkins // Cabbage Flower Paper Plates // Silver Rimmed Plastic Cups // Boxwood Placemats //  Flower Arrangement


Tobacco Leaf Setting:

The Tobacco Leaf Pattern is on fire this year so why not keep the trend going in the summer heat with these Tobacco Leaf Dinner Plates !  There are endless options on what to pair Tobacco Leaf.  I could see this all working with the Boxwood Placements above as well.  But here I found some amazing Tobacco Leaf placements that were too beautiful to not show you.  One of my favorite vintage theme finds are the plastic Pink Coupes.  {More links to items below}

Pink Scalloped Plates // Tobacco Leaf Paper Plates //  Tobacco Leaf Dinner Plates // Dripless Unscented Candles // Peach and Gold Plastic Silverware // Pink Coupes //  Napkins // Tobacco Leaf Placemats

Splatterware Setting:

Splatterware is one of my favorites for summer.  These paper Splatterware Dinner Plates remind me of the tin plates we use to use while camping.  This is a fun theme for a Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day party with the red accents of plastic silverware and  Lobster Napkins.  Also love the little travel Citronella Candles that look chic and are completely functional.  {More links to items below}

Splatterware Dinner Plates // Citronella Candles // Red Plastic Silverware // Lobster Napkins // Splatterware Napkins // Gold Rimmed Plastic Cups

I hope this gives you a few ideas to help you ease up on entertaining in the next few months without sacrificing your unique vintage style!  Until next time ~GG