In with the Old... Out with the New

Timeless Investment: Opaline Lamps

I was first introduced to the beauty of Opaline Lamps by one of my favorite Interior Designers, Jan Showers. She has an impeccable eye and uses French Opaline and Italian Murano often in her work.

Jan Showers Green Opaline Lamp

It wasn’t until years later did I stumble upon my first Opaline lamp at a local Antique Shop. The price tag was far to much for me to purchase at the time, so I regrettably passed it by and still continue to think about it. That was over 15 years ago! Oh how I wish I had purchased it. The thing about a Timeless Investment, such as Opaline or Murano, is it will ultimately save you money down the road. You will never regret your decision to invest in something that has already been around for 100 years.

Pair of Chartreuse Opaline Lamps

Purchasing Opaline Lamps from a reputable dealer is important. While Opaline is hard to mistake for any other glass, you still want to be sure you are buying authentic. I often see sellers (either by mistake or design) listing Milk Glass as Opaline, or heaven forbid, listing Opaline as Milk Glass! While both are opaque, Milk Glass is significantly cheaper then Opaline.

Lamps Listed as Both Milk Glass and Opaline

I’ve recently started to take a major interest in lamps and lighting. You will see my shop offering more options in this very necessary category! Below are a pair of stunning French Blue Opaline lamps that I restored. These sold quickly and while I was sad to see them go, I was thrilled to know they were going to someone who can appreciate the quality and history. Check my shop frequently as more lamps will be coming soon. This Timeless Investment is one you surely would never regret!