In with the Old... Out with the New

Art Nouveau Inspired Bathroom

Today I’ve been DIY-ing in our Master Bathroom (wall moulding!) and in taking a break decided I need some inspiration to keep me going.  Our Master Bathroom leaves a lot to be desired.  While it is actually not that old, maybe 10 years, the finishes were an…. interesting choice (previous owners are you reading this?).

These people loved black…  Black toilet, tub, shower pan, floor tile, wall tile, marble top, AND sinks. EVERYTHING is Black in this bathroom (oh except the gold wallpaper my husband took down!).  How do I work with this without gutting the bathroom?  I’m sure the answer is, “you just gut the bathroom”. Right now, we aren’t looking to do a full blown rehab so on to the next idea.

Maybe I just need to channel my inner Kelly Wrestler.  I know she would rock out a black bathroom…

Or how bout this amazing powder room by Celerie Kemble and Anna Burke…

In order to fully embrace what we have, I plan to go the Art Deco/Art Nouveau route.  It is the perfect style to impose upon an all black bathroom.  Of course, I’ll be incorporating as much vintage items as I can.  I found some amazing Art Nouveau sconces that I would flank along side of a Art Nouveau Lithograph of jewelry.  I’d put a lamp on the vanity (I’m a huge fan of lamps in unexpected places) and then add a beautiful Jadeite horse statue to the other side of the vanity.  I’m thinking of adding some large scale wallpaper above our tub area, maybe picture frame it out and not do the entire wall.

I’ll be sure to check in on how the progress goes.  And now that I’m fully inspired… back to work!  Until Tomorrow ~GG

Products and Sourcing:

Brass Sconces – A Pair // Art Nouveau Lithograph // Porcelain Lamp // Double Sink Vanity // Tile Floor // Wallpaper // Brass Bathroom Faucet // Light Fixture // Vintage Tissue Box // Black and Gold Urn // Mirrors // Tiered Bamboo Stand // Art Deco Jadeite Figure