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A Collected Kitchen: 10 Reasons Why It’s Not Complicated

There is nothing that gets more “likes”, “retweets” and “thumbs ups” on social media than a beautiful kitchen.  Gleaming white cabinets, perfectly organized open shelving, and freshly cut flowers leads me to believe that most of America is living in perfection.  But when I look at these beautifully amazing kitchen images, I’m still left without a clue about who the owner is, their personality and what they love.

If the kitchen really is the heart of the home, why is it becoming larger, less colorful and more empty?  I understand that images of perfection are actually what people want to see, but when the camera is turned off and life goes on… I can’t help but wonder what do these kitchens end up looking like and where the heck the coffee maker is?

Today I’m completely dissecting my all-time favorite kitchen of the film, It’s Complicated.  Of course, Nancy Meyer’s films are always known for their stellar interior design.  However, this specific kitchen is especially unique because of its imperfectly perfect attributes.  It makes me understand what the main character, Jane, is all about.  When I look at this kitchen I think: Jane likes to cook.  Jane likes to collect.  Jane likes to entertain people. Jane loves life.

Here are 10 reasons why I can completely relate to this kitchen:

1.  Her pots and pans are on display and they don’t match.

2.  She keeps essential items like dish towels and water super accessible.

3.  She is using the kitchen island as if it were an extension of a counter top and not a forsaken surface only available for decorative items.

4.  She is using every square inch of that affordable metal shelving… and

5.  She likes to put lamps on kitchen counter tops.

6. Her area around the sink shows signs of tremendous use (Hi Jake!)

7. She likes Caffeine (coffee maker AND espresso maker) and doesn’t hide her counter top appliances.

8.  She is a healthy eater.  Look at the bowl of fruit!  Also the sunglasses, ball cap and pile of mail on the kitchen island is serious reality.

9.  She uses a rectangular tart pan as a tray.

10.  She spent money on what was important to her…  The professional grade range is a huge investment and worth it if you love to cook and bake.

If you keep your kitchen sparse and uncluttered, I still appreciate and admire you for it.  But I’m sure the vintage thrill seeker in me is drawn more to this type of kitchen as there is always room to put up one more collected item!  Until Tomorrow ~GG