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A Vintage Glassware Must-Have

As a curator of tabletop accessories, I have seen it all. From beautiful crystal coupes to hand-blown goblets and of course piercing blue opaline it would be hard to choose a favorite. However, when it comes to choosing a must-have, the answer is simple. Libbey Gibraltar.

Amy’s Vintage Decorium via Instagram

Unsuspecting choice maybe?  You have probably seen Libbey Gibraltar everywhere and maybe never thought it was actually a vintage style, an old classic, around since the mid 1900’s.  From stores like Target, Pottery Barn and World Market, they all sell it all under their banner. 

However, Libbey Glassware isn’t anything new.  If anything, it has quite a history (you know, being founded in 1818 and all!).  Libbey was founded out of East Cambridge, Massachusetts.  However, it now resides in Toledo, Ohio where there is an abundance of natural gas resources and access to large deposits of high quality sand.  They have evolved over the years and one of my favorite evolution’s was the colorful Gibraltar series they produced mostly in the 90’s, now discontinued.

Look at all the fabulous choices in the Gibraltar you can obtain!  Some shapes and sizes you may not be able to find vintage, although the important sizes like Cooler and Goblets are quite attainable.  Why do I choose Gibraltar?  It takes a lot to break these, they hardly scratch, and they stack (not the goblets but the rest do!).  Their look never tires, and they fit traditional and modern settings.  They just might be, the perfect glassware.

When searching for Vintage Libbey Gibraltar, you may want to google such names as “Libbey DuraTuff”.  DuraTuff is actually a treatment and not really a style.  It is a super strengthening thermal afterprocess for “pressed” tumblers and stemware. The DuraTuff process is performed only on the upper portion of the glass increasing its resistance to thermal and mechanical shock.  It produces some of the most durable glassware you could find. As Libbey marketing says, “It’s barware tough.”

Look at all the beautiful vintage colors you can choose from.  It’s hard to decide, isn’t it?  Or you could mix and match these little gems and display them on open shelves.  If you find that you are wanting a specific color in a certain amount, please contact me for pricing and availability and I will curate a special set, just for you!  Until next time ~GG

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  1. Mike Anderson

    Do you know when the 4.5 ounce Gibraltar 15248 was introduced? I have two that look rather old (yellowed glass, Libby logo is reversed and in a circle). I’ve not been able to determine when they started making them. I found some old catalogs and the 1977 is the earliest I see it listed.


    • ~GG

      Mike – I do not know for sure but I would say no earlier then the 70s so I think you are on to something with what you have found in the catalogs. If I do find some additional information I will make sure to pass it on to you! Thank You for checking out my blog! ~GG

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