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Pablo Zabal “Blue Zoo” Ceramics

Have you ever seen such a cute figurine?  Every time I look at this horse (or maybe donkey?) I smile.  Its bright matte hue with white detailing makes for a rather cheerful item to put on display.  “Blue Zoo” ceramics were created by a Chilean artist, Gino Pablo Zabal, in the 1970’s and used very distinct and special techniques to make them.  I’ve found these little creatures before on sites like Etsy and Ebay but seeing a rather large one in person was a much different experience then seeing one online.  When I find something this special at an antique market, it makes me wonder how it could have been overlooked by so many others before me?  If you are interested in the ceramic horse please visit my shop!

Photo Courtesy of Miel Magazine.  They also put out a great an informative story on these beautiful ceramics if you want to read into it further.

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