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Famille Noire Chinese Porcelain

I recently stumbled upon a lamp at an antique market that I fell in love with.  The black glazing and colorful detailing had to be something special!  As I did circle eights around the grounds I kept going back to this lamp.  Finally, I realized I had to purchase it or else it would go down in my book as one of those things I didn't buy but still think about.  Turns out this style is called "Famille Noire" which means "black family".  As a general rule authentic Famille Noire pieces are thought to have been made from 1662-1722.  The piece I found, due to its marking, was made sometime in the early to mid 1900s. Therefore, not an original but a reproduction and it has been around for awhile! Regardless of its age, it is a beautiful lamp and rare to find the black ceramic background.  It would surely stand out in any room.  The colors could be used as inspiration for a room color pallet as they completely compliment each other.  I'll be keeping my eye open for more of the Famille Noire in the future!  Visit my shop to purchase this beautiful lamp.  ~Gina

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