In with the Old... Out with the New

Inspiration: Botanicals

Today I'm intertwining vintage items with new home trends and linking in some fashion too. From dragonflies to lily pads everything just seems to pop when it is on a black background. You may have read my previous post about "Famille Noire" Chinese Porcelain. The beautiful black underglaze lends itself so well to bright color details. This is true in your home, and in your wardrobe. I always make sure to incorporate some black into a room. It could be as simple as a lamp shade, or picture frame or go more bold with painting your doors or trim work. It always seems to ground everything and make the room feel more collected. Same in your wardrobe. We all have that favorite black blouse or turtleneck. You could easily refresh this with some fun botanical inspired shoes, blazer, or even just bright colored earrings.

Have you found you are more inclined to explore your own neighborhood when you have someone visit you? This is a huge shout out to my Mom for coming to visit and inducing discovery in my own backyard. A few weeks ago we visited the unforgettable Botanic Gardens in beautiful Glencoe, Illinois.  It is just a short train ride north from the city center. After living in Chicago for more than 15 years, I can't believe it took this long to tour the amazing gardens. The vibrant colors and sweet smells left me feeling refreshed and inspired. Until tomorrow ~GG

  1. Famille Noire Lamp // 2. Wesley Hall “Urbane” Chair via Trad Home // 3. Custom Pillows via Etsy // 4. Vintage Swing Arm Brass Lamp // 5. Doc Martens // 6. J.Crew Vibrant Petal Drop Earrings // 7. Zara T-Shirt // 8. Botanical Chart Tapestry Urban Outfitters // 9. Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco


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