In with the Old... Out with the New


I’ve always been a fan of Spongeware and I’m certain it has to do with my obsession of the color-combo blue and white.   While the technique of  sponge stippling dates back centuries, it was notably used in Britain during the 19th Century.  Spongeware was cheap and widely used so it is difficult to find vintage pieces in very good condition.  I was lucky to find this beautiful green pitcher (shown above in my bedroom) and in wonderful condition!

These photos below by Interior Designer, James Radin, make me want remove everything from my bookshelves and just replace it with Spongeware pitchers.  Actually, I’d just take the whole room…

James Radin


James Radin

When Tory Burch brought it back a few years ago I was so excited to see it popping up in the most fresh and fashionable way.  Absolutely love how she mixed in with pinks and greens.

Tory Burch Spongeware

Tory Burch Spongeware

Also loving the Spongeware from Sister Parish Design…

Sister Parish Design

Sister Parish Designs

If you are looking for something to collect and display, this is a rather inexpensive collection to start. I always turn to my go to sites, eBay, etsy, and Chairish to peruse through and see what is new with Spongeware. Of course, you could also just get the whole dang collection from Tory Burch!  Until Tomorrow ~GG







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