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Inspiration: Iznik

If you are an avid reader (Thank You!) I hope as you continue to follow me you will find out some things about me above and beyond my love for all things vintage!   Today’s blog about Iznik Pottery is one I feel especially connected with.  If you traced my heritage back it would eventually land in Ancient Mesopotamia.  And it was in that place and as far back in that time where Iznik Pottery first came to be.

Below are some amazing originals. The beautiful pattern and vibrant colors are sure to inspire.

Iznik Pottery was named after the town of Iznik located now in modern day Turkey.  The town of Iznik was the site of the potteries of the Ottoman Empire.  Iznik Pottery was produced from the last quarter of the 15th century until the end of the 17th century (ya, it’s old!)  The designs combined traditional Ottoman arabesque patterns with Chinese elements.  You would be hard pressed to find any authentic Iznik as anything remaining is museum worthy.  However, Europe was inspired so much by Iznik pottery they started to make their own interpretations during the 19th century.

What I have noticed is that Iznik Pottery weaves its way in and out of my most favorite designers work in the form of wallpaper, tiles, and fabric.  The beautiful wallpaper below and also above is by Iskel.  Iskel is worthy of their own blog post (note to self).

Just leave it to the always fabulous, Tory Burch, to have Iznik dripping from head to toe in her dining room…

Tory Burch’s Dining Room

And dripping physically head to toe on her mannequins (and from the window-to-the-wall.. sorry, had to) …

Tory Burch Pre-Fall 2017 Window

I can only image what a slice of that wallpaper would cost, so I put together my own more budget friendly options on how to get some Iznik in my life!  Until Tomorrow ~GG

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