In with the Old... Out with the New

A Copper Kitchen

I’d like to channel Samantha Stevens via Bewitched and wiggle my nose to promptly trade out all of the Stainless Steel in my Kitchen to Copper. This usually happens around Autumn when I naturally start to become more drawn to warm tones and organized clutter. Copper is a vintage lovers best friend as it just screams collect me, display me, and use me because I’m functional! Copper has been around for centuries (as early as 9000 B.C.) so clearly it has longevity and this makes it a very wise investment. If you are contemplating what you could start to collect, Copper should be at the top of your list!  Here are some amazing vintage and new copper finds and inspiring images!  Until Tomorrow ~GG

Copper Vases // Copper Wall Rack // Copper Cookware Set // Copper Non-Stick Cookware Set //  Copper Pendant Light  // Copper Fish Mold // Copper Fish Mold II // Copper Fish Mold III // Copper Cooking Utensils // Copper Lobster Mold  // Trio of Copper Bundt Molds // Copper Pot // Copper Rack with Pots // Copper Salt and Pepper Shakers // Mixing Bowls


Thomas O’Brien and Dan Fink’s Long Island Home. Photo by François Dischinger


Photo Via DesignSponge.
Kitchen by AuntPeaches Blog


Ellen Pompeo’s LA Kitchen via Good House Keeping