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Color Combo: Brass and Black

One of my most favorite all-time combinations in home décor is Brass (yes, I refer to it as a color!) and Black.  Brass and Black can be timeless, elegant, modern, or edgy.  Black is the darkest color and therefore completely absorbs light.  While Brass, on the other hand, completely shines.  Of course this odd-couple duo would exist in perfect harmony!

Brass takes on many forms and has existed for centuries (I’m talking the B.C. time period)!  It is no wonder this metallic alloy comprised of copper and zinc continues to be at the forefront of the design industry.  People often say, “Brass is back”.  I say, "It never left".

My love for antiques and vintage finds always directs me to brass objects.  Brass lighting, bookends, animal objects, antique gilded picture frames.  The list could go on forever.  I have a beautiful vintage Brass chandelier in my dining room that might fall in and out of what is trending.  The good news is that when you decorate your home based on what you love, it is always on trend.  The most important thing about deciding what to fill your home with is to make sure that you love it.  Brass and Black will forever remain on my list of must-haves.  Will it be on yours?  Until Tomorrow ~GG

Photo Credit and Sourcing:  1. Alessandra Bedroom  // 2. Cue Dark Grey Chair // 3.  Brass Swing Arm Lamp // 4. Gilded Edge Agate Coasters // 5. Wall Clock // 6. Frank Ponterio Kitchen // 7. Gold Grout // 8. French Bee Stencil // 9. Bathroom by Kelly Wearstler // 10. Kitchen by Christopher Knight // 11. Bathroom  by Jenkins Interiors  // 12. Black and Brass Chandelier

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  1. Denise

    Love Baldwin brass it never tarnishes.

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