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Fall Decorating


With Fall already here and a chill in the morning air, it is a great time to start adding touches of warmth to your home.  This time of year, Aubusson comes to mind.  Aubusson is a kind of French tapestry (wall or floor) mostly from the 18th century but recorded as early as the 16th century.   Today, you might find pillows referred to as “Aubusson”.  Beautiful Aubusson can be found in timeless interiors.  Who is to say exactly what year this room was completed by Brazilian Architect, Allan Malouf?  It is hard to tell.  The beautiful wall tapestry and pillows add richness and interest that speak to any era.

I love this room!  Can you spot the Aubusson pillows on the sofa?  The fresh green walls are a beautiful backdrop for the terra-cotta colored pillows.

I'm thinking about adding this to our main wall in the dining room to add visual interest and warmth.  It's not legit tapestry but it would evoke a similar feeling at a fraction of the price.

I'll be on the look out for some more modern interpretations of Aubusson like these pillows.

Here are a few pillows currently available.  I love the modern pattern Ikat and the floral pillow is timeless.

And of course I have to throw in a fashion statement like these boots! Until tomorrow ~GG

Photo Credit:  Cover Photo // Living Room by Allan Malouf // Living Room by Allan Malouf // Wall Mural /  Collection of Tapestry Pillows // Ikat Tapestry Pillow // Timeless Floral Aubusson Pillow // Boots out of Stock Similar but Anthropologie has many versions.












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