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Timeless Trend: Imari Ware

I’ve noticed in the past that one of my favorite types of Japanese Porcelain, Imari Ware, has been patiently staged in the background of many home décor images.   However, in more recent years it appears that Imari is making its way towards center stage.

Imari Ware is a type of porcelain that was exported to Europe from the Japanese port of Imari, Saga.  It was originally made in the town now known as Arita, Japan.  Sometimes it is referred to as “Arita Ware”.   However, Arita Ware is typically only blue and white while Imari is known for a reddish-orange color and brilliant gold.

This bright and beautiful porcelain mimics the colors and patterns of Japanese textiles.  It may depict long winged birds, kimonos, beautiful landscapes and trees.  I love the Imari that incorporates fretwork too.  Europe could not get enough of Imari Ware and therefore many imitations in the West started to pop up.

You can find beautiful representations of Imari Ware by popular potters such as this one by Spode from Etsy

Coalport also have beautiful Imari inspired patterns such as this one found on eBay

Probably best known today and easier to obtain in great quantites is Royal Crown Derby such as this one from eBay

Below is such a beautiful room by Eric Ross Interiors.  I love his use of displaying the Imari Ware on the walls, the vases on the wall brackets and the bowl with the rather delicious looking apples.

The master of Antique Collecting, John Rosselli, sure knows how to put the beautiful Imari Ware on displays…

Love this hallway and how its going bold and dramatic to play into the vibrant colors of Imari Ware.

If you are loving Imari Ware as much as I do these days, check out what currently is for sale on my favorite resource site, Charish!  Until Tomorrow ~GG

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