In with the Old... Out with the New
French Blue Opaline

Portieux Vallerysthal

Blue Opaline glassware ranks up there in my “pieces of glassware everyone should have”.  Specifically, goblets by French manufacturer, Portieux Vallerysthal (1930-1939).  You may have seen them on social media, at a nearby antique shop, or a friends beautiful table setting.  It is hard to deny their signature turquoise color, graceful spindle stem and classic yet modern style.  Below is a collection of my opaline goblets (along with some Italian and American glassware).  One might say, I have a teeny tiny obsession.

This glassware usually pops up at an estate sale or antique sites.  You would be hard pressed to ever find one in a thrift store, but nothing is impossible.  Their price tag makes it a true investment for your table.  I have since revised this post from 2017 when I noted asking prices could be from $40 to $100.  However, with its growing popularity, be prepared to pay as high as $200 a piece.  They are getting scarce and you have to realize collecting and owning a full set of 8, 10, or 12 of the Portieux Vallerysthal may take some time to piece together.  Here is a little snap shot of some of the many shapes and sizes you can acquire along the way.  From left to right:  Wine Goblet at 4.25″H, Footed Goblet at 4.75″H, Water Goblet at 6.25″H, Champagne Glass at 4.75″H,  Small Footed Goblet at 4.25″H, and Cordial/Egg Cup at 3.25″H.

I love seeing how Portieux Vallerysthal pop on social media.  Here are a few beautiful images along with some images of my own.

Of course, you don’t need many to make an impact because their color is so vibrant and intense.   Just a set of 4 or a cluster of mismatched sizes make a statement and let people know you have an eye for something very special!  If you love these as much as I do, shop them here!  Until Tomorrow ~GG