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Italian Glass

Italian Murano Cased Glass

You know my love for French Opaline glass runs deep.  But if I had to pick a very close second, it would be Italian Murano cased glass.  Cased glass, or sometimes referred to as “case glass” is a glass where there are two or more fused layers of different colors.  Its first known use was in 1849. 

Probably one of the best known cased glass manufacturer is Carlo Moretti.  Carlo Moretti was born in Murano, Italy in 1934.  He lived in Venice until his sudden death in 2008.  Carlo Moretti was an innovator in glass design creating beautiful marbled patterns, vases and bowls, along with the well- known matte finish named, Satinato. And of course, the cased glass stemware that makes my heart beat a little faster. 


Another Italian cased glass manufacture is Empoli. I love the beautiful vases and apothecary jars in the most unique shapes.

glass collection on the mantel. . . Lol. . . Not at my house. . . Plus cleaning would be a workout. . .

You can still purchase new glass by Carlo Moretti on different websites.  I have found that Neiman Marcus sells their vases.  But alas, no cased drink ware so this is where the vintage thrill seeker in me pops out to hunt them down.  Estate sales and antique markets are common places.  But it is difficult to find them for a steal.  Often times you will see beautiful sets of cased glass cordials, stemware, or other types of drink ware pop up on the usual sites such as 1stDibs, Chairish and Etsy.  You will find there is a premium to be paid for purchasing a full set, but these are forever glasses.  The kind of table additions that make your place setting sing and your guests marvel.  Italian Murano also can also add a very modern touch to a table giving it a very fresh vibe.  Check out this table beautiful Thanksgiving table setting by Interior Designer, Shelley Johnstone Design where she uses beautiful footed iced tea glasses in a honey tone with white interior.

Pricing is a little all over the place for these glasses.  The pricing can be more of an art then science.  Some colors and styles are more popular than others.  You could find them as low as $10 per glass, or as high as $100.  It really all depends on how many you are purchasing at once, and what venue you purchase them from.

Recently I found some beautiful blush pink cased glass cordials with a white inside (I think would make the perfect egg cups!).  I also found sorbet glasses with a white outside and beautiful turquoise inside. 

When I look at this beautiful glassware, I can’t help but smile.  I’m excited to bring such unique items to my online shop very soon.  If you are looking for specific colors, you can always reach out to me and I’ll keep you in mind on my travels. 

Until Next Time! ~GG