In with the Old... Out with the New

You can jump right in…

So here goes…  My first blog post and I’m excited to get things going.  I’ve got a name, a concept and whole lot of ideas that I can’t wait to get started on!

At a very young age I was glued to three things: Legos, Lincoln Logs, and Traditional Home magazine.  I have really fond memories of sitting down in the living room with my mom, a cup of coffee, and a pile of home magazines, a ritual we still do together so many years later. This affinity towards home decorating led me to school for Interior Design.  Armed with a degree and a love for Chicago, I moved with friends out to the big city determined to make something of myself.  I have spent the past 15 years working for a General Contractor and Construction Manager in Chicago.  I’ve worked on highrise buildings, transit projects, commercial interiors and home remodeling projects.  From construction I’ve learned to deal with just about any situation given to me.  I’ve learned to be strong and stick up for myself, but most of all, I’ve learned that kindness still gets you very far in life.

Now its time for me to take my years of experience and channel it into something that will make me feel inspired everyday.   I’ve always loved antique and vintage items and I’m sure this has to do with my “old soul” personality I’ve been known to have.  My design philosophy is that good design should be affordable and accessible for everyone .  I want to help people understand that good design does not have to come at a high cost. I love finding ways to re-purpose what people already have, source second hand items, and find creative ways to make spaces look warm and inviting while on a budget.  I’ve created this website to inspire my readers that old can be better than new!  Check back often to keep up on my progress and see if I get to my ultimate dream of owning my own store (Yes! I still believe in Brick and Mortar)  Until then I’ll be selling my items on sites like Chairish and Etsy.  Until Tomorrow ~GG


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