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Six Classic Pieces Every Home Needs

Today I’m talking about six classic pieces you could buy today and still love 30 years from now.  When I think back to the dollars I’ve spent on affordable but cheap home décor I realize I could have had a wonderful collection of sustainable pieces by now!  If I could do it all over again, here is what I would start with…

LaBarge Mirror – Original LaBarge Mirrors are from the early 80’s.  You can find many LaBarge style mirrors out there, but to purchase an authentic one means you are getting the finest craftsmanship at a price that is quite affordable.  I have found LaBarge mirrors for as low as $300 and as high as $2,500.  Here are some amazing vintage LaBarge Mirrors.

Tea Table – Anyone can fit a tea table in even the tightest of spaces.  This makes it a wise and useful investment that can serve many rooms and many functions.  Its usually slightly taller than a coffee table which I happen to like.

Brass Floor Lamp – My go to manufacturer for vintage timeless floor lamps is Stiffel.  Maybe it is because Stiffel was manufactured here in Chicago back in the 1930’s!  Stiffel Floor Lamps are of the highest brass quality.  You can find lamps of all kinds, but there is nothing like a beautiful brass floor lamp that can move from room to room.  When you buy one, you will start to realize you could use five more.  Floor lamps are entirely functional and they fit just about anywhere.

Blue and White Ginger Jars – Maybe I just have this on the list because I love them.  Ha!  While these are very much trending right now, the reality is Blue and White Ginger Jars have never gone out of style and will continue to remain the perfect room accessory for many years to come.

Lawson Style Sofa – The next time I purchase a sofa, it will be in the Lawson style.  Tailored, timeless and comfortable.  This soft looks good in any style of decor from modern to traditional.  You can very much change the look and feel of the sofa with the fabric you choose.   Sherrill, Hancock and Moore, and Century Furniture are just a few brand names where buying second hand will still get you an extremely well made sofa and half the cost of a cheap knockoff.

Bar Cart –  A Bar Cart is a classic item to have in any room where you are typically sitting around with guests.  They come in all sizes so you are sure to find one that would fit in even the tiniest space.  I love stocking ours up with pretty glassware which makes it the perfect place to display items you might otherwise store away.

Until Tomorrow! ~GG

Mirror // Tea Table // Floor Lamp // Blue and White Ginger Jar // Lawson Style Sofa // Bar Cart


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