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DIY Kitchen Island Upgrade – Under $200

When we moved in our Chicago Townhouse a couple of years ago, one of the first things we wanted to attack was our kitchen.  But even before we got to our cabinets I could not WAIT to get my hands on the Kitchen Island.  That big blonde box was begging for some detail.  The total cost of the project was around $200.  And the bulk of that expense was my paint choice.

I’m not a woodworker by trade but that is why you should keep on reading.  You don’t need much to add some character to a builder grade kitchen island.   Here is what you do need…

Miter Box for your trim cuts.  Don’t let the saw intimidate you.  It is seriously the easiest and most cost effective way to cut wood.

Corbels to add a little detail under the countertop.  This was especially important to us because the Kitchen Island is the first thing you see when you walk up the stairs.  This is the size I used but make sure to check the depth of your countertop.

Poplar Project Boards to add trim around your island.  I used this size because frankly it was easy for me to carry around Home Depot and also didn’t require that many cuts due to the size of our Island.  They are lightweight and easy to cut on a miter box.

In terms of how you install the wood trim.  It is your choice to liquid nails it (definitely permanent and not going anywhere).  I chose to nail mine in.  I didn’t use a nail gun though.  Just a drill, nails, and hammer.  There are a ton of youtube videos out there to show you how to do this.  This video I just actually enjoyed watching because of her personality.  She did something similar but used thicker wood.

Paint is one of the most important selections here.  Aesthetically and Functionally think about the best color.  For the use our Kitchen Island constantly gets I knew White would not survive long.  I chose Farrow and Ball Hauge Blue which is an extremely forgiving color in both hiding any small mishaps and also just standing up to the traffic that circles the Island.  It also plays off the granite color well and takes on a very English Pub type look.

Makes me want to add a brass foot rail . . . Maybe one day!  Until Tomorrow ~GG

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