In with the Old... Out with the New

Sheep Happens

I have to admit, when I first saw these Sheep, I didn’t get it.  Why would someone want sheep statues grazing about their home?  What the Sheep!

Then I started to reach back into the Architectural Digest archives and the more images I found, the more I understood it.  They are quite the whimsical and happy addition to any room.  French artist François-Xavier Lalanne created these beautiful sculptures in the 1960’s.  Although he was quoted saying, “They are not furniture, they are not sculpture – call them ‘Lalannes.”.

Lalannes popularity instantly grew and graced the homes of many fashionable icons.  To obtain an authentic Lalanne today would cost in the triple digit thousands maybe up to the millions of dollars.  I found some amazing reproductions on Chairish, while still in thousands of dollars, seems like quite the bargain!  A side bonus to a Lalanne is that they are as functional as they are fun.  You are supposed to sit on them.  Although I’m wondering if I ever would?  Until Tomorrow ~GG


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