In with the Old... Out with the New

Timeless Trend: Patterned Lampshades

I’m absolutely loving that Gathered and Patterned Lampshades are trending.  While this idea has been around for years, especially in England, it seems to be more popular than ever here in the United States.  The cover image is a room completed by Ben Pentreath.  I completely love the mix of pattern and simplicity.  It is the perfect example of how you can mix materials, eras, and color and keep it all in check.

First Row Left to Right: Irving and Morrison, Charlotte Gaisford, Cruel Mountain Design – – Second Row Left to Right: Irving and Morrison, Irving and Morrison, The Collected Home

When Bunny Williams first added these beautiful lampshades to her collection I figured they had to bubble up to somewhere I could afford years from now…  Don’t you love the use of the traditional lamp shade on a very modern and clean lamp base?  And of course, the iconic Bunny Williams Brushstroke lamp basically looks good with anything on it…

Images from Bunny Williams Home

I pride myself on DIY-ing, but there is a total art to making these shades. Also, trying to source vintage shades in that perfect color or condition can get tricky.  Luckily, I’ve found that Cruel Mountain Designs makes some amazing lampshades as found on Chairish.  Also, beautiful bespoke lampshades can be purchased from Irving and Morrison. Pairing these lampshades with vintage lamp bases is so simple, you can hardly make a bad combination!  Until Tomorrow ~GG