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Chalk Talk: A Lesson in Portieux Vallerysthal Sizing

Today I bring to you a little “Chalktalk Lesson” on Portieux Vallerysthal sizing. Certainly in my time as an online seller, I have gotten those messages where people asked to return an item because the sizing was I completely understand. The cost of PV is not like a trip to Crate and Barrel (although my dream one day is to stock enough PV that it would be). So in order to avoid the whole awkward glass doesn’t hold the copious amounts of wine you willed them too, I thought I’d explain the Portieux Vallerysthal glasses sizing in greater detail.

On my travels the other day I came across this beautiful chalkboard with a gilded frame (for $5...)  A trip to Starbucks would cost more!  Later in the day as I'm setting up my Portieux Vallerysthal for a little photo shoot, I realized how cool they looked in front of the chalkboard and wondered what fun I could have with it.  Then I realized this might just be the best way to show you the PV sizing all in one place.   

I didn’t want to just stick a piece of fruit, coke bottle, or quarter next to the lovely blue opaline glasses as your point of reference (online sellers can probably appreciate that!!).  I wanted to show you how they compare to their counterparts.  Hopefully this helps you figure out what Portieux Vallerysthal Glass suits your needs best. 

One little beauty who didn't make feature is the ever popular champagne glass (or coupe).   These stand about 4.75" H and hold 4oz.

Of course, there are many other odd-ball sizes I have not mentioned that are extremely difficult to find, especially as a set.  However you can always mix and match because one thing that will remain consistent is the beautiful blue hue of the Portieux Vallerysthal. 

Keep your eye out on my online shop as I add collections daily!  Until Next Time ~GG

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  1. Heidi

    Good Morning! I came across your site while researching a couple of pieces of opaline blur glass objects. Do you purchase items? Thank you for having such a lovely site! ~ Heidi

  2. Mariellen Russell

    Love your site-
    and the blue opaline to die for❤


    Thanks for the wonderful article

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